Antonio Romanucci, Romanucci & Blandin
I finally got a chance to see the RB website live. I just about navigated each page and it is truly impressive. I thank everyone involved. I know it was a tremendous effort and very labor intensive. The product is world class, and I cannot imagine anyone failing to be impressed. Over the next days and couple of weeks, I will probably have some tweaks and add-ons to the site content wise and then we will be able to go live to the public with an announcement.
Great job. I thank you. Please let me know if there any suggestions you have."

Gemma Allen, Partner, Ladden & Allen, Chartered
"Thanks for your great photo work. You are a woman of many talents!"

Terrilee Ryan, Consultant/blogger
"Great information for us all who are looking for exposure for our business and/or brand. It's amazing just how much time we spend on Facebook/Twitter rather than taking time to research the shows we want to be featured on! There are no shortcuts. Spend time perfecting a great pitch and know who your audience is! Thanks for sharing, Chris. You are "spot-on" as always!"

Hedy Ratner, co-president, Women’s Business Development Center
"It is a joy to work with you and you get better and better!"

Mark D. Hassakis, 2010-11 President, Illinois State Bar Association
"Chris, I just wanted to acknowledge you for all of your support this year and for your wonderful Black History Month letter to the editor on my behalf. Thanks!"

Terry Savage, columnist/author, The Savage Number: How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?
"You did a fantastic job, and have over the years, for the Women’s Business Development Center Conference. The proof is the thousands of women who attended, and benefited. While the program always has a wonderful agenda and inspiring speakers, it would be like the proverbial "tree falling in the forest" if it weren't for your public relations talents. You generate the buzz that brings the mayor and top corporate executives to attend, and to sponsor, this valuable event. I hope others recognize your talent."

Hedy Ratner, co-president, Women’s Business Development Center
"Your public relations and media relations work on the 20th anniversary and 20th anniversary Entrepreneurial Woman’s Conference of the Women’s Business Development Center was exceptional. I am writing to commend and compliment you and Tammy Martin for your excellent efforts and great success. With the participation of Oprah Winfrey, there were some public relations advantages but also disadvantages and landmines that you and Tammy were able to negotiate to the benefit of the Women’s Business Development Center. I could not have imagined the enormous national and local print and media coverage without your exceptional preparation and follow-up. I know this is unexpected but I would like to show our appreciation with a significant cash bonus for your wonderful media relations success."

Edward M. Burke, City of Chicago, Office of the Chairman, Committee on Finance
"Congratulations on your induction into the Today’s Chicago Woman Hall of Fame. Your many contributions to our city as an entrepreneur and a leader in the field of public relations make you exceedingly worthy of this great honor. With all of your valuable accomplishments, the list would simply not have been complete without you!"

Booker Rice, Jr., Vice President and Field Diversity Officer, The Prudential
I was delighted to learn that you had been named the “1995 Business Owner of the Year” by the National Association of Women Business Owners Chicago Area Chapter. The fact that you won is no surprise to me because my experience with you has been excellent. It is good to see that you are being recognized by the general business community at large. Again, congratulations and keep up the fine work.

Gene Callahan, Office of the Commissioner, Major League Baseball
That is a good article about you in the July 18, 1995 edition of the State Journal-Register. It pleases me a great deal that you mention then-State Treasurer Alan Dixon commended you for your initial job with Martin Janis. You are in the midst of an outstanding career, Chris, and I hope you always feel free to call on me whenever you believe Major League Baseball and I can be of service here in Washington, D.C.”